Vegetable Farm

ABOUT keller house classics

At Keller House Classics we work with local farmers in the Fort Worth, Texas area to transform locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables into nutritious and delicious products that bring their farm fresh produce from our kitchen to yours. We believe that working with the local farmers and organic produce, we provide products that are the best available. So, when the locally grown produce is out of season, we shop organic grocery stores in our area using care to continue our tradition of the highest quality and fresh tasty foods. 

Once in our kitchen, we dehydrate, can, or pickle the produce at the height of freshness using long proven certified methods to preserve and concentrate the freshness into every bite. Seasonal products and gift boxes are available for every occasion and we will be happy to prepare custom orders to fit any season or celebration.

Keller House Classics is very passionate about being a true farm to table company, so if you are looking for fresh delicious produce that has prolonged shelf life or is ready to prepare right away, we have it here!

Some of the Farms We Work With, Some of the farmers markets we participate in and some photos we just like Below

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