At Keller House Classics, we create farm to table products that enhance all of your culinary creations. All our our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and organic stores and a portion of our profit is donated to local nonprofits and community organizations which we highlight on our website.

keller house classics

 From Savory to Spicy Sauces, Infused Vinegar's to Specialty Salts, Flavorful Seasonings, Home Made Jams & Meal Kits. 

We purchased our ingredients from local Farmers Markets & Organic Stores. 

Our products are prepared in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

All ingredients are hand cut and dehydrated at the peak of their freshness.

Labels are made to order so they can be personalized with your logo or favorite quote…

Keller House Classics is very passionate about being a true farm to table company, so if you are looking for fresh delicious produce that has prolonged shelf life or is ready to prepare right away, we have it here!